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We have a passion for helping children reach their full potential and understanding that learning, when taught in a way that is right for them, can unlock the doors to their future and create an exciting life path for them! As well as being award winning, we strive to build children’s confidence, so that they not only learn new academic skills, but develop a strong sense of themselves and their ability to truly believe in themselves and their goals, and know that when they put their mind to something, the sky really is the limit!

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Kelly Maxwell

Owner & Founder


Private Tuition

Is your child lacking confidence? Maybe they need that extra boost to reach their full potential? 1:1 tuition is the perfect solution for both learners within school and those that are homeschooled! This type of tuition is aimed at children aged 5 - 16 years old and is tailored to your child's needs and requirements. It is a great way to ensure they learn, understand and retain. Huge progress can be made within just a few sessions. These sessions can last 30, 45, 60 or 90 minutes and are very flexible to work around your families schedules, whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Focused Tuition

If you feel your child works better alongside their peers, then this type of tuition is a great way to develop skills, in a fun and engaging way with other children. This type of tuition is small groups of up to four students that focus on different areas of the curriculum. These sessions run term time, beginning in September of each year on Monday and Friday evenings. 

Focused sessions include: English Language, English Literature, GCSE Maths, Primary Problem Solving, Primary Reading and Comprehension. 


Please contact us to secure your child place, with the first session is free for your child to attend. 

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Online Tuition

All the benefits of 1:1, but via Skype or Zoom. During these uncertain times we are aware that not everyone is able to engage in face to face sessions, which is why we offer this type of provision. You can also join group tuition via Skype if you prefer too.


Throughout the year a range of fun and valuable workshops are available, from educational to mental health and wellbeing. We strongly believe that while education is extremely important, a child's wellbeing matters just as much. Check our Facebook page for updates on workshops coming soon.

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Curriculum Courses

For those parents that would prefer to offer the education themselves, we offer a curriculum course with the family which takes the format of 4 sessions (50 minutes per session), where we talk you through everything you need to know to support your child's education for that year (Maths, English, Reading and Spellings). This includes all of the written method types, spellings that are statutory, punctuation and word types, as well as much more!

Learning Packs

These packs are tailored to each individual, so are never the same as another child's. We ask that you explain the areas that your child is lacking confidence and we tailor an activity pack to help support your child.